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Path of Diablo is one of the most popular and active D2

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Created by GreenDude, Path of Diablo is one of the most popular and active D2 custom servers. Right now there are 180 people logged in. The mod adds some awesome quality of life features to Diablo 2 like an expanded inventory and buy poe exalted orbs loot filters.

Using downloaded filters or by customizing your own, you can tailor exactly what loot appears on the ground and what doesn't. No more having to sift through a screen covered in trash loot looking for the precious rares or set items you need.

But the biggest improvements won't be felt until you level up and start building your character. Many Diablo 2 mods add new skills or even complete overhauls of the original classes, but Path of Diablo works to make existing skills much better, instead.

Any long-time fan will tell you that exalted orbs is littered with useless abilities, leaving you with few options for powerful character builds. Drawing inspiration from Path of Exiles' robust skill system, Path of Diablo introduces tons of tweaks to every class.BY https://www.playerhot.com/games/path-of-exile/Golds here now... well done!


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