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Free Tools for Responsive Layouts

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The use of responsive web designs are intended to respond to the way a user interacts with a web page. This is particularly important since users are accessing web pages from a wide variety of devices. Responsive layouts make it possible for a positive user experience no matter what type of device they are using to access the information. Below are a number of different FREE tools to help you create responsive web designs.
Xrespond is an app which is known as the “virtual device lab.” This particular app is important for being able to know how a particular website will look on a number of different user devices. It allows the designer to see how it will appear on laptops, smartphones, and tablets to examine a variety of different formats. The app also presents how the website will look to the end user, who may be using different monitors, and how it supports a wide range of device characteristics.
This Website design Auckland tool allows the designer to preview a web design in a vertical display format. The designer is able to simply scroll down and select the type of device, including a number of Android and iPhone devices commonly used today. in addition, previews of a web design may be viewed in landscape or portrait. An added bonus is the ability of Responsinator allows the designer to switch between HTTPS and HTTP depending on the particular URL, and measures compatibility of a particular site to reduce SSL issues.
Responsive Design Checker was developed to be used to evaluate a particular web design Auckland responsiveness when changing screen sizes. When the designer inputs the URL, they have complete control of the testing style, making it possible to know just how responsive their design actually is. The height and width of the design can be adjusted to match ratios on a variety of screen sizes and match screen ratios using an “aspect ratio tool.” In addition, a sidebar allows the designer to choose between a wide range of screen characteristics for a wide range of commonly used devices by end users. This tool helps the designer to ensure large sizes even work well with smaller devices as adjustments are determined by ratio and not pixel width.
This tool is actually not a previewer, as it lacks the ability to identify certain UI issues. Instead, this tool enables the designer to focus on unique characteristics within a web design for a mobile device. This tool helps the designer to determine whether or not a particular web design is in fact mobile friendly. This tool offers suggestions based on a number of troublesome errors and elements of a particular page to help the designer to make improvements.
Matt Kersley is a well-established designer and developer. He has released a free resource for testing particular web design Auckland project issues. This preview tool has a few limitations, in that it only works with five widths. There are scrollbars that quickly move through the design content; however, you can't view multiple pages within the displayed panes. This limits the testing to evaluation of a particular page in the design, making it best to be used to test single pages with a default pixel width of 240px.
This design testing tool does not provide responsive accuracy based on pixel characteristics. However, this site is a good resource for quick evaluations and previews on a limited number of devices. When using this tool, the designer enters a URL, and then is presented with four preview windows. Unlike other tools, each of these windows are evaluated on ratios rather than on scale.
Last up is another free design tool that can check a specific page based on limited width characteristics. This tool makes it possible to evaluate pixel points. It also makes it possible for the designer to even examine the page of web design Auckland for pixel size and enter page grids during the evaluation. The designer can move the preview window to a wide range of screen widths and manually enter sizes of each unique project portion.

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