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HYT watches and "fluid time" technology

Hublot Classic Fusion Zirconium fake watches.HYT Fluid Time Technology A nice watch which includes the use of liquid-filled capillaries and bellows. Earlier this year, I also included some HYT watches at the Baselworld 2013.

Cool watch, no doubt!

Basel New Era 2013: HYT expands its range - H1 falls and the arrival of H2

Vincent Peria in 2012 combined with the destructive speech and solutions, in 2012 with the scene of the actors returned to the brand, expressed the ultimate challenge of the watchmaker: to watch the caliber into the fluid world, each A drop of liquid is said to be wrong. Three thousand three hundred years ago cleepydra never see something!HYT H1 Hydro Mechanics Pink Gold fake watch

As for the H1 Diamond Dome Trilogy, sometimes in the case of DLC - Diamond Like Carbon Titanium Alloy, the No. 6 rider has nine white diamonds (0.16 cts VVS transparency), sometimes the same as the Chrysoberyl Dome model Black sapphire dome place, 9 stone trimming (0.17 and 0.18 ct. Total weight),cheapsalewatch



As with everything else, the HYT project began in 2002, 11 years ago when Lucien Vouillamoz presented a crazy (and thus) concept of creating a liquid watch that uses water to show time. Of course, there was no reason why to do it, because no one insisted enough to make the project "flow" fake watches on discount

Now big question, how does the watch work? Then the first combination of liquid and mechanics is not easy, this science involves hot and metaphysics such terms. But even so, I will try to break this concept for you, so that the concept as much as possible to understand. fake Tudor FASTRIDER BLACK SHIELD watches

Now that you are more familiar with the brand and technology behind it, I can introduce you to some other models. HYT H1 not only ended on different casing materials, because the design of the watch proved to be very successful, and the creator decided to add a new "flavor" by changing the color of the liquid from green to red. If you think it's easy to do, that's not! The slight difference in the original mixture may also cause liquid interference, so the R & D department must be re-equipped and find a new red liquid to fit the watch.www.luxuryrelogio.com



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