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Fitflops Clearance

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When it comes to wellness footwear, actions speak louder than words.As more vendors in the category make health claims, Mbt Sandals ranging from improved circulation to better posture, backing them up with research has become an increasingly important piece for brands expecting to stand out. And while it’s not clear how much such data contributes to sales, most agree that Fitflop Sandals an informed retail team is best equipped to discuss a product’s benefits with consumers.Related How Tamara Mellon Is Bringing Back Her Namesake Line From Bankruptcy.“Retailers are asking for more information than ever,” said Molly Heaney, director of marketing for Mbt Shoes MBT of Portsmouth, N.H., noting that working with researchers in clinical medicine and physiotherapy adds credibility and authenticity to a brand. “Our data is critically important and the heart and soul of all we do. We’re proud of the Fitflops Clearance fact that claims we make can be substantiated by numerous studies. It all starts and stops at our technology and the scientific foundation of our product.”Doug Clark, president of New England Footwear Group, maker of Z7, said baby boomers, Mbt a target market for the brand, are particularly interested in research data. “They’re more likely to ask about the technology,” Birkenstock he said. “[Our consumers] are smart, affluent and care about value and how the shoes work.”
For Swissies, the simplicity of its signature soft-sole technology is the selling point.“Unlike other footwear technologies that require a complicated explanation, Swissies’ technology is very easy to understand. You put on the shoes, and you feel the benefits immediately. The shoes sell themselves,” said Fabio Deon, creative Fitflop Sale and development director for the European wellness brand, which was launched in Switzerland in 2007 by Michael Garzon, the former CEO of MBT.Swissies, which started with children’s shoes and has since added men’s and women’s collections, is built around Birkenstock Store a patented sole design that combines an ultra-soft, lightweight cushioning material with a rounded heel shape to promote a more natural, barefoot-like gait. The flexible, springy soles also feature rebound properties, which the company said return energy as kids Mbt Discount run and jump.Building on its success overseas, Swissies began distributing its children’s shoes in the U.S. last March. The line, which retails from $55 to $80, has been picked up by a mix of top department stores and independents, Cheap Birkenstocks including Nordstrom; Tip Top Shoes in New York; Kid O in Austin, Texas; and Carrara Children’s Shoes in Chicago. Available in European sizes 24 to 38, the collection initially focused mostly on sport shoes, but now Deon and his Birkenstock Outlet team are working to expand the offering to include a range of styles, from casual to dressy looks. The spring ’14 assortment features everything from sandals and Mary Jane shoes to ribbon-laced high-tops.“We want to keep up with fashion Fitflop trends, but without compromising the technology that is the heart of our brand,” said Deon, who works out of Swissies’ recently relocated headquarters in Montebelluna, Italy.Can you explain how Swissies’ sole technology works?
“We outfit the consumer’s entire closet,” Birkenstock Sale Morin said. Only 20 percent of Earth’s business comes from men’s, but Aznavorian said expectations are that this figure could double in the fall with the addition of office-appropriate dress casuals to the men’s line.In a further effort to http://www.mbtshoesoutletinc.com broaden its customer base, Earth has expanded its footwear offering targeted to the LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability) community, with both vegan and eco-friendly styles. “It’s a secondary [market], but an important one,” said Aznavorian about the vegan Birkenstock Sandals offering, which accounts for 25 percent of the collection. The company’s eco-friendly push includes the use of BioFoam cushioning, made of 70 percent recycled material, as well as glue-free, post-consumer recycled content for packaging.As it looks to share its Birkenstock Shoes wellness message, Earth is using its Website to connect with consumers. The site, which receives as many as 6,000 hits a day, features everything from videos explaining the shoes’ technology to information about the brand’s clinical research.In addition, it Fitflops Shoes For Women serves as a link to Earth’s panel of fitness advisers and directs consumers to YouTube, where they can watch a teaser to the brand’s “Weekday Workout” video, due out in September.“We’re setting ourselves up for broad shoulders to grow Fitflops On Sale on,” said Aznavorian. He said the brand could branch out into other categories, including apparel, beauty products and even bottled water. “We believe the brand can be a true lifestyle of health and wellness.”

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