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Main trend of modern solid wood furniture

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Modern wood furniture, the mainstream trend of more and more international,3 seats hanging swing chairs for adult but also like a lot of original solid wood furniture, wood furniture now on the market which will be more popular with the public, we take a look at Humen Jiali Is how to see!

1, the mainstream of a trend: Europe and the United States furniture, Europe and the United States furniture mainly refers to the United States, Britain,tall bar tables for sale France, Italy and other styles of furniture, with brilliant colors, exquisite style, great momentum, unique elegance, can incisively and vividly The owner of the wealth and achievements, and the production of uncompromising attention to more people everywhere feel the process and quality of products is unusual, this style of furniture to Fu Yi home represented in the country occupy most of the market.

2, the mainstream trend of solid wood furniture 2: white, green, blue, primary colors of the mainstream color, as the enduring popularity of color,camping directors chairs foldingcamping directors chairs folding white in 2012 is still popular. White in the modern and European-style furniture has been fully utilized. Pure white often gives the feeling of alienation and solemnity, and therefore furniture design is more biased in milk white and ivory white.

Pastoral style of light green will not let people feel depressed, and then with a wood-color chairs, elegant checkered bed and a lamp, people feel very comfortable,modern cafe furniture finland in 2012 this mix is ​​also popular. Another is the color, is the cortex and wood material itself, the natural color, not through the late color, paste skin and other processing, natural texture and bumpy feel, dull cortex and smooth touch, has been more popular .

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