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The Dodgers' offense is whole, except for one hole

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<p>By then, the Dodgers final batting order decisions should be fairly obvious. It would make filling out the lineup card on Opening Day more of a formality than a decision-making process.</p>
<p>Until the Dodgers commit to their next second baseman, Utley remains an option as a free agent. That Utley bats from the left side makes his return not as desirable as other options.</p>cheap San Diego Chargers jerseys,
<p>In question is the leadoff hitter and second baseman, who figures to be one and the same once the season begins.</p>
<p>That starting pitcher Roberts would be able to commit to is Clayton Kershaw, of course. And Roberts was being asked for his lineup before third baseman Justin Turner reached a lucrative four-year, $64 million deal to return to Los Angeles.</p>wholesale nfl jerseys,
<p>Also muddling a future lineup is how Roberts might sort out a plethora of outfielders. He could have as many as seven to choose from. Assuming the Padres open the season with a right-handed starter such as Jhoulys Chacin, the Dodgers could have Andrew Toles in left field and Andre Ethier in right to open the season.</p>
<p>Other than a leadoff-hitting second baseman, the Dodgers are in need of middle relievers to replenish a bullpen that was among the best in baseball last season. At that point, the club would be ready to point toward Arizona and start thinking about spring training in February.</p>cheap ncaa jerseys
I think right now, today, it would be tough to think through a lineup,&rdquo; Roberts said in early December.  Obviously I like the starting pitching, but as far as on the positional players' side, I think it's a little too early.&rdquo;</p>
<p>The Dodgers did not have a prototypical leadoff man in 2016, but Chase Utley manned the role admirably. Never a leadoff hitter in his lengthy major league career, Utley saw more than 500 plate appearances there in 2016, delivering a .319 on-base percentage.</p>
<p>Other trade options for a second baseman that have been mentioned for the Dodgers include the Tigers Ian Kinsler and the Rays Logan Forsythe.</p>Spurs raise Tim Duncan's jersey to rafters in emotional ceremony, Blackhawks beat Sharks 4-1 for 5th straight win, Mahtook ready to compete for job in 2017, Mike Smith giving the Coyotes a fighting chance
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