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We had a actual acceptable team

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Definitely. We had a actual acceptable team, Michael was aback in afterwards disturbing a bit in the aperture games. Newspapers were alpha to anticipate he should be larboard on the fifa 17 ios coins bank – crazy, crazy stuff. Nigeria was absurd for all of us because they were domiciliary favourites to exhausted us, no doubt. With some of the players they had aback then, Jay-Jay Okocha, [Tijani] Babangida, [Nwankwo] Kanu, on a abundant day for them they would accept baffled us, maybe easily.

When the burden is not on, Denmark – a baby country – performs to the best of its adeptness and we abashed Nigeria, which went a connected way to giving us the victory. They approved to do all they could but it was impossible. We played so able-bodied in that bold and that gave us the acceptance that we could move on to even greater things and the self-belief in the aggregation was at an best high.

Having able the quarter-finals adjoin Brazil, you were in alien amnion for Denmark. Was it a case of annihilation to lose?In the three accumulation abecedarian we actually didn’t accomplish that able-bodied and knew we bare to arise out again, just like adjoin Nigeria, and aftermath some miracles aboriginal on if we were to accept any adventitious whatsoever. We denticulate afterwards fifa 17 android coins two minutes, which was actually incredible, and you could see the Brazilians were shell-shocked.

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pytanie zadane 15 grudnia 2016 w Króliki przez użytkownika niezalogowany

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