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As usual the most artistic and exquisite suggestions are left for the most imaginative and super cool fashion houses! Thus here we have the brand-new Rodarte spring/summer 2016 collection presented for New York Fashion Week and marking a new page in the history of the development of this awesome ideology and set of traditional representations. As usual, the traditional motives come in a combo with the ultra-innovative and incredibly cool vibes, which just can’t but have the boho chic elements carefully combined and even concealed underneath the range of modern designs.Thus that’s what the very first looks of the Rodarte spring/summer 2016 collection come designed with, encompassing black and white color plays Cheap Uggs finished off with metallic accessories and some subtle transparency plays. All these vibes were united into the combo of the top, the tight fitting pants and the thigh-high boots designed with an open multi-strap shape. The metallic belt fastened around the pants secures the place of the third element in these combos also looking well with the other design details like ruffles and fluttery elements. Classic designs like turtlenecks are also sometimes used to make the looks really complete.Outerwear pieces coming with oversized designs and some khaki-like tones should also be noted in the list of innovations spotted in the Rodarte spring/summer 2016 collection. The same can be said about the ultra-unique and stunning combo created with the help Ugg Boots of fishnet, fringed and fluffy accessories like scarfs and tops having cool and sassy transparency plays. The subtle interference of the black tones is also important in this range of combos.Further the retro motives become slightly more visible and curious, coming with necklines and ruffled elements and combining shades like khaki and white. Golden and burgundy tones also have their significant place in this range of looks. Later come the grayish and bluish tones accompanying the asymmetrical structure of the hems of the following dresses, which can just be described with the keyword “messy”. From beadwork to sequins everything has been used to make the looks luxurious and chic. This refers both to outerwear pieces and to other options Ugg Outlet too.Other design interpretations also include options with silver and emerald blue tones completed even more with the help of shimmery and glittery textures. Floral themes used on lace-like pattern as well as the transparency plays make up the following range of sassy clothing pieces the most important thing about which is the split design, in case of which there is one side being the calm option just put with a light fabric, while the second part is thoroughly covered with sequins.Floral 3D appliques and very impressive shade plays are what comprise the uniqueness and the individuality of the Rodarte spring/summer 2016 collection. So don’t postpone getting whatever you need and enjoy fashion to the full!
RHW: "It's really interesting Ugg Sale because I actually feel more at home living in Los Angeles than I have from living in New York or London. And I love New York and London, and I'm so glad I get to spend so much time in cities like that, but growing up in the countryside I feel like living in Los Angeles I get that touch of city life but at the same time I'm able to be in touch with nature. Being able to spend weekends in nature, and Ugg Boots On Sale I spend a lot of time in Malibu…Malibu is so casual, and I feel like such cool style is going on there with the surfers.”RHW: "I'm obsessed with these slim-cut boots because they're a little more feminine and a little more… I guess the right word would be 'smart.' You can wear them with a black leather pant or skinny jeans, they don’t look as casual as the classic pair, and I love the little wedge on it so it gives you a little bit of height. So I'd wear these with black skinny jeans from Paige or a pair of black leather pants, and I'd wear a silk shirt or a great T-shirt from James Perse and a well-cut blazer. I know Paige does fantastic blazers, and I'm also a big Saint Laurent blazer fan, so that's how I’d rock them at the airport."

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