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Properties of WPC Composites

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Wood-based composites, which are generally better able to obtain better mechanical properties than wood flour, have higher strength, elongation and non-notched impact strength.Wood plastic railings However, wood fiber is difficult to measure and feed to limit its application in production. Wood-plastic composites are heavier and more costly than pure wood materials, but foaming of wood-plastic composites in the process can reduce the weight of materials and reduce costs. But the foaming process also reduces the stiffness and strength of the profile.

WPC profiles can be manipulated using general carpentry techniques, for example, with circular saws for cutting, and with nails or screws. Wood-plastic composites can be added to the formula to obtain a variety of colors,Resistance Termite WPC Material processed after the profiles do not need in the paint. Of course, wood-plastic composites can also be painted or discolored as well as ordinary wood.

The addition of the coupling agent in the wood-plastic composites can improve the compatibility of the wood filler with the plastic matrix, thus contributing to the improvement of the strength and the apparent condition of the material.WPC Wall Panels Make The Building Look Simple And NaturalCoupling agents are effective in that they can bond polar surfaces of wood fillers with non-polar materials such as polyolefins. Conventional coupling agents contain maleic anhydride grafted onto polyolefins such as HDPE, PP.Durable Wood Plastic Floor The addition of wood filler to the plastic will make it harder, but often becomes more brittle. Wood-plastic composites compared with the same size of pure wood, strength, stiffness and creep resistance are worse. However, wood-plastic composite materials absorb less water, which has a strong anti-corrosion aging performance.

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