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SlimCleaner Plus Crack and Serial Key Free Download

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Slimcleaner plus serial key is a comprehensive and reliable software solution that is designed to assist users in removing junk files, improving PC performance, cleaning Windows registry and identifying potentially unwanted software. Because the program uses cloud technology, after it analyzes your PC, it provides you with recommendations based on researches from IT professionals and with advice on how to improve the performance and the security of your Windows.

The application features a responsive and intuitive user interface. You can easily navigate through options and erase browsing data and addons, identify potentially unwanted startup items, clean unnecessary junk files and remove traces of activity history. The ‘Dashboard’ panel is the central hub from which you can monitor your system’s overall status and access several utilities that help you optimize your computer and get all the detailed information you need to make critical PC maintenance decisions.

The ‘Cleaner’ utility is designed to quickly erase unused junk files, obsolete registry items and other temporary folders that you don’t use anymore. The third feature that the Slimcleaner plus crack comes with is the ‘Optimizer’ tool, which is an advanced system tweaking program that lists all the active programs and background processes and removes the ones you don’t want to start anymore. Another feature that helps you erase all the unnecessary data from disks is ‘Disk Wiper’ that removes all the data from the selected hard disk, while protecting it against recovery by overwriting it with bytes of data.

This way, you can secure all the sensitive information from being discovered by making it unreadable. What’s more, you are able to reorganize data clusters is an efficient way by using the ‘Defragger’ tool. You can improve disk performance by reducing the amount of fragmentation effortlessly. All things considered, SlimCleaner Plus is an effective solution when it comes to managing and optimizing your hard disks, getting accurate reports of storage space usage for all your partitions and removing junk files and temporary folders from your computer.

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