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Sunday was a record-setting day for the Dallas Cowboys

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Chris Jones did not have much time wholesale NFL jerseys to celebrate Sunday’s win over the Baltimore Ravens. The Dallas Cowboys punter had to get to the hospital where his wife, Sara, was set to be induced.

By 5:45 p.m. CT Monday, the Joneses welcomed Magnolia Ryan with a lifetime guaranteed contract.

By Tuesday morning, Jones was at The Star as the Cowboys prepared for Thursday’s game against Washington before returning to the hospital after practice.

“Hectic to a degree,” Jones said of the last 24 hours. "We went in after the game and I’ve never been through it, so I didn’t know how fast or slow or long or whatever it would take to go through the labor and that stuff. Judging from how my wife reacted and talked and communicated with cheap jerseys me, there were times she was uncomfortable and stuff, but for the most part it was probably as smooth as it could’ve been.”

The original due date was Nov. 27, but football season waits for no one. The Joneses agreed to be induced at 39 weeks, knowing the Cowboys were home for Cleveland Browns jerseys Thanksgiving and on the road cheap NFL jerseys Dec. 1 against the Minnesota Vikings.

“Basically I’d be here just in wholesale jerseys case anything freakishly happened out of the ordinary,” Jones said.

He was able to change a diaper before leaving for practice Tuesday morning. Is he looking forward to more?

“Um, we’ll see,” Jones smiled. “It’ll be all right.”






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