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Yoga Vs. Pilates Workout Plans

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Yoga and Pilates may appear to be similar workout plans due to the fact that most exercises are performed while lying down. However, the two are actually very different and people may not be able to distinguish the difference. They both use the body weight for resistance and since all are low impact workouts, they’re ideal for rehabilitation and injury prevention. What makes pilates and yoga different?
The Origin

This practice originates from India more than 5000 years ago. As the years have gone by, the practice has evolved too many different forms of yoga: Kripalu, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Bikram among others. Yoga is mostly performed in a group setting with the aid of an instructor. Many people like to practice yoga outdoor and use a yoga mat backpack to carry their mat.

On the other hand, pilates is a newer form of exercise that began in the early 20 century by a professional athlete Joseph Pilates. The reason behind the creation is to offer an exercise form for strengthening and rehabilitation. Something that made pilates so popular is dancing as dancers utilized it by making them stronger in their performance and training.
The Objectives

Yoga is aimed at uniting the spirit, mind and body through the exercise.

This exercise puts together a combination of meditation, calm stretching, diet and coordination breathing techniques making it a therapeutic exercise.

It makes you become more aware of your body’s alignment, posture and movements forms.

Makes the body relax more easily even in the presence of a stressful environment as it creates a peaceful surrounding.

Pilates focuses on connecting the body and mind.

This exercise provides a full body workout highlighting the six main principles been concentration of mind and body, control, centering, breathing, movement and care.

Pilates focus on tender stretching and toning of the body in a relaxed manner.

Provides an overall health and strength.
Their Practice

The yoga practice and the pose are determined greatly by the type of yoga studied. Some forms like Iyengar and Hatha use supports like blocks and straps while others don’t. Irrespective of the support, the yoga poses involves the body in stretching and curling in unique styles and uses the body weight for resistance.

On the other hand, pilates uses a special machine developed by Joseph Pilates but the exercises are not limited to the machine, you can also use the body weight just like yoga for resistance. Pilates concentrates on strengthening the abdominal muscles. It also coaches the body by use of new methods of movements in order to reinforce and tone muscles plus it encourages flexibility.

Having distinguished between yoga and Pilate’s workout plans, we cannot conclude that one is better than the other. They all have their own positive benefits that are useful depending on your body needs. Like we have seen that they both focus on connecting the body and mind, only that yoga has an extra advantage of the spirit connection. Perform them in conjunction for overall health benefit as they complement each other.

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