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Alford's speed and athleticism would be hard to take out of the lineup

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Alford enters Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers with a team-leading eight penalties, accounting for 110 yards and six first downs for opponents. He has been flagged for pass interference five times and illegal use of hands once. The 17-yard pass interference penalty he had in the fourth quarter of last Sunday's 26-24 loss to the Seattle Seahawks led to a touchdown.

Alford has 15 pass interference and five defensive holding penalties in 47 career games.

"It's just about my hand placement," Alford said. "I'm good off the ball. It's just down the field, I feel like the receiver is getting up on me a little bit, so I want to be a little handsy.

Alford has started all six games this season and stands 12th in the league with 401 defensive snaps played. He leads the team with two interceptions, both in a 48-33 win over Carolina. Those picks helped cheap jerseys make up for two pass interferences penalties he had in the same game.

Alford's speed and athleticism wholesale NFL jerseys would be hard to take out of the lineup. Plus last year's second-round pick, Jalen Collins, obviously isn't ready to contribute yet coming off a four-game suspension for violating the league's policy on performance-enhancing substances. Collins was inactive the last two games upon his return.


Based on coach Dan Quinn's assessment, Arizona Cardinals jerseys Alford isn't going anywhere.

"Not a change at this point, but it's better technique," cheap NFL jerseys Quinn said. "He’s got the speed and the athleticism to stay with the receiver, so right at the point where you have to foul or not foul, we’ve got to be better at that spot.:

Defensive coordinator Richard Smith was asked if he has met with Alford to discuss the penalty issues.

"I don't pull him aside; I don't have the one-on-one, man-to-man talk with him," Smith said. "He's fully aware that he's had some of the penalties. We've evaluated on game film -- also, matter of fact, on TV copy. The play that happened in the [Seattle] game, I thought he was looking back at the quarterback. You go back and look at it for a second time, some things, technique-wise, we can get better at.

"He's aware wholesale jerseys of it. We're aware of it. And we're continuing to work on that on a consistent basis. He's not a player that does not accept the coaching part. He does. Hopefully he'll continue to get better in those particular areas."






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