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Top 10 Fonts Used Mostly by Graphic Designer

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In today’s digital world graphic designers are the most creative person who plays with his creative mind to develop and create best website designs. For designing webpages and creative design, these designers use different fonts from different font designers and of different categories. There are thousands of designers who are specialized in the fonts categories such as Måns Grebäck fonts, Billy Argel fonts, and much more who keep on designing new fonts with new creativity.

Designer fonts are very useful in various fields like the logo, a text-heavy website or an infographic, and much more and selecting the right font for your project can take time, it is one of the most instantaneous ways to transform a design. If you are looking for the more fonts, simply visit the Fontslake, It is one of the best places on the internet to freely download Free and Premium fonts and dingbats used by graphics designers, hobbyists, scrap-bookers, developers and typeface enthusiasts. One can also search fonts with the help of specific categories like Calligraphy Fonts, Cartoon Fonts, Roman Fonts, Western Fonts, Square Fonts and much more. 

List of top 10 fonts used mostly by Graphic Designers are listed below:

  1. F37 Bella: F37 Bella is an award-winning display font by Rick Banks.
  2. Eames Black Stencil: This font is a part of the broader Eames family, developed in homage to the late great Charles and Ray Eames – which comes in its own bespoke wooden packaging.
  3. Otto: Otto is a combination of delicate lines with flashes of block color, it's a unique display font with two personalities that works well in large formats.
  4. Poster Bodoni: This font is a beautifully classy style font and has a look of 1920’s. 
  5. Cumulus & Foam: This font is designed by Stefan Kjartansson and has ultra-thin lines with bulbous, cloud-like forms to give Cumulus & Foam.
  6. Linotype Didot: Didot is a great font for adding a classic, timeless elegance to your work and creates the great effect on design.
  7. Mrs. Eaves: Designed by Zuzana Licko in 1996, is a subtle modern interpretation of the work of legendary 18th-century type pioneer John Baskerville and named after Sarah Eaves, the housekeeper who would become his wife.
  8. Bembo: It is a great typeface for setting book copy, this top font is generally best used to express traditional, formal beauty, and is particularly notable for its stylish italic ampersand.
  9. Modern No 20: Designed by Stephenson Blake, this font is excellent typographical shorthand for quality and refinement.
  10. Rooney: This font is widely used by modern designers and is available in available in six weights.


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