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FIFA 17 is powered by an all-new beating heart

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The new season of EA SPORTS FIFA is here! FIFA 17 launches in North America on September 27 and we cannot wait for fans to get their hands on the beautiful game. Regardless if you're a seasoned FIFA player or have been curious about joining the fold, here are seven reasons to play Сообщение.

Under the surface, FIFA 17 is powered by an all-new beating heart: EA Sports Ignite Frostbite. Already used by several EA titles, this game engine allowed developers to push the limits of realism in player and stadium modelling, while also introducing sweeping innovations. "The move to Frostbite allowed us to develop new features that were not supported by the previous engine including the new cinematic story mode in fifa 17 pc coins, The Journey," explained Ed Kilham, technical director of the FIFA series.

This new game mode puts players in the boots of Alex Hunter, a young football prodigy who dreams of breaking through in the Premier League. Your performances on the pitch and decisions away from the action all have a direct influence on the evolution of your career, as well as your relations with your coach, team-mates and supporters. The Journey offers the unique experience of an inside look at the football world. If you want to Сообщение, please use our site http://www.playerhot.com/games/FIFA17/Golds. which will give you the best service.

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