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As he moves Giants into the future, Ben McAdoo nods to the team's past


Music Wholesale Baltimore Ravens Jerseys blared through the entire 90 minutes of OTA practice at the New York Giants' team facility Monday. Tom Coughlin allowed music once a week during the season, beginning in 2014, but new coach Ben McAdoo is going to play it every day.


One of McAdoo's missions, he has told people inside and outside the Giants' building this offseason, is to find ways to stimulate the minds of his young players. The music plays throughout. A recorded voice directs players swiftly from one drill to another. The emphasis is Wholesale NFL Jerseys on movement and activity, limiting downtime and, ideally, avoiding boredom.


"I've been doing this my whole life," McAdoo said after practice. "This is an opportunity I've dreamed of, and I'm just out here attacking the job."


One of his changes is to name three periods of fundamental instruction after Giants greats of the past. The ball-security drill is called the "Duke" period, after late Giants owner Wellington Mara, whose nickname, "The Duke," appears on the ball used in NFL games. The tackling drill is the "LT" period, after Lawrence Taylor. And the blocking drill is called "Snee," after recently retired Giants guard Chris Snee.


"The game is about the ball," McAdoo said. "The game is about blocking and tackling. And the more we can do to emphasize those three things, the better. This organization has a lot of rich tradition in each of those three areas. Putting names to the periods, putting a face with the period and with ball security, with tackling and with blocking, I think it hits home with players."


One of the new Giants has taken notice of the extent to which the team leans on its history. Defensive tackle Damon "Snacks" Harrison, signed this offseason away from the Jets, enjoyed participating in something called the "LT Baltimore Ravens Jerseys period."


"I've always been a big Lawrence Taylor fan," Harrison said. "To see LT and Snee have drills named after them, that's good to see."Maybe someday they'll have a Snacks drill, too."


And what would cheap NFL Jerseys that entail, exactly, the 350-pound Harrison was asked?


"Probably just sitting down," he said, with a walk-off laugh.

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